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Celsior / UCF11 / 'bippu fun'

PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:08 am
by Admin

UCF11 Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS400

old pic ^

Sandstone Beige Metallic (4K9), 1993 - Bippu fun!

Image Image Image


* Blitz Access ECU
* K&N Drop in Filter (haha!)
* Full dual exhaust (2.25" x2) w/ stock rear box

Suspension, Wheel & Tire

* SSR Vienna DH 18x9, 18x10
* Bridestone Fuzion 235/40, 265/35
* JIC FLT-A2 VIP Coilovers


* Junction Produce VIP body kit*
* Celsior front grill
* Junction Produce Mark and Logo*
* Celsior rear emblem*
* Toyota JDM 1 pc. headlights*


* Junction Produce Fusa
* Junction Produce Curtains*

* = not installed


Re: Celsior / UCF11 / 'bippu fun'

PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:57 pm
by Chris

*the Celsior will be sitting out the 2010 season as it awaits fresh paint and a Junction Produce Bippu body kit. This will wrap up the project.


lots of pics, story and background to come. (this isn't your grand pappy's lexus. :roll: ) Did you know it has a 6 bolt main? :lol: Can take a roots charger from a junk yard and put down 300whp on stock injectors.. all for less than $200.. :lol:

Did I mention it's a 4.0 liter V8 that revs to 7,000 RPM on a Blitz ECU? :mrgreen:

For those interested-

VIP style
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


VIP Style modifications and history have often been linked to the yakuza. It is claimed that VIP Style came to be due to the risk of gangsters riding around in high-profile European sedans like the Mercedes S-Class or the BMW 7 Series. Such cars brought increased attention from police and rival gangs. By using JDM cars with modifications associated with the creation of limousines, gangsters could avoid detection by the police and rival gangs.[1]

Both Osaka street racers and Kanto area Bosozoku (motorcycle and moped gangs in Japan) adopted styles in different ways. Osaka street racers, after suffering numerous police crackdowns on the Hanshin Expressway in the early 1990's, turned to sedans after police targeted sport compacts as a way to cruise while remaining incognito. Many design cues were taken from Mercedes-AMG cars. Kanto area bosozoku gangs took a somewhat different approach, by modifying sedans with cut coils and mufflers and were often bold and loud known as "Yankee Style". Their styling cues were actually taken from the Super Silhouette race cars of the 70's and 80's. They also drove recklessly, such as causing traffic jams and avoiding paying tolls. To mimic their yakuza counterparts, they used large black sedans.

Automotive enthusiasts adapted beyond luxury sedans, utilizing minivans and Kei cars. One advantage presented to enthusiasts is that such modifications can make a car luxurious without being expensive.[2]


Cars associated with VIP style usually have common characteristics, such as large diameter rims (usually broad faced designs) with low offsets that sit flush with the fender, exhausts that stick out past the rear bumper (although not so much emphasized these days), a full bodykit or lip kit, glossy paint and a lowered ride height. It is not uncommon to see extremely negative camber on many VIP style cars. Traditional colors of VIP Style cars are usually black, white, grey and silver.

Most VIP Styled cars are Japanese luxury cars such as the Nissan President, Nissan Cima, Nissan Cedric, Nissan Gloria, Nissan Fuga, the Toyota Celsior, Toyota Century, Toyota Crown, and the Toyota Aristo. As automotive enthusiasts began to do their own versions of VIP, everything from minivans like the Toyota Estima and Honda Odyssey, to keicars like the Suzuki Cappucino and Toyota bB have received similar modifications.

United States enthusiasts use USDM equivalents, such as the Lexus GS, Lexus LS, Infiniti Q45, and Infiniti M45.

* - The Premier Site for VIPcar & VIPstyle Enthusiasts Worldwide!

Re: Celsior / UCF11 / 'bippu fun'

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:45 am
by Chris
For sale

Re: Celsior / UCF11 / 'bippu fun'

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:23 pm
by Chris
Still for sale.. Although I'm considering just keeping it...